The Sauerburger Condor 6200 Mulcher is now available at R C Boreham & Co.


This professional mulcher has been designed to provide optimal care of meadows, pastures, set aside and crop residues.

The Sauerburger Condor 6200 Mulcher has a 6.2 metre working width and folds down to a 2.5 metre transport width.

The depth of the mulching deck is 33cm making it ideal for large volume shredding and it comes as standard with a 2-blade rotaty system and 6 wheels (8 wheels can be selected as an option).


R C Boreham Sauerburger Condor 6200 Mulcher


Other standard features include:

  • Heavy duty transmission suitable for tractors up to 300HP
  • Input drive shaft with freewheel and wide angle joint
  • Drive shafts with overload protection
  • Hydraulic transport lock – automatic locking when folding and hydraulic locking when unfolding
  • Lighting system
  • Smooth deck to prevent residues from accumulating and making for easier cleaning
  • Double chain curtain front and back
  • Vibration dampening for road travel using a gas accumulator
  • Level adjustment¬† system to ensure optimal distribution and chopping
  • Raise and lower system – The frame and wings are each connected to the chassis via a hydraulic cylinder in order to lift the machine in parallel at the headland. The cutting height is adjusted by adjusting segments on the piston rod of the cylinder
  • 1000rpm PTO shaft with 2-disc slip clutches
  • Choice of couplings – 40mm or 50mm towing eye or a K80 towing ball
  • Standard two-angled knives on a knife carrier which is suitable for all types of cutting and chopping work
  • Cutting area 30mm to 360mm
  • Two robust support feet


Optional features include:

  • Shredder/mulching kit with 4 knives each and a counter blade, suitable for optimum shredding of plant residues and very large quantities of dry material
  • Rotor complete with 6 knives – 3 angled knives on the bottom and 3 straight knives on the top making it suitable for very fine chopping
  • Tandem oscillating axles


For more information on the Sauerburger Condor 6200 Mulcher please contact us or download the brochure.