Kuhn Farm Machinery

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Since 1828, innovation and quality have been the basis of Kuhn’s commitment to farmers and contractors.  Over 190 years of experience in manufacturing farm machinery helps Kuhn provide products and services to suit even the toughest conditions.

Included in the range are:


Kuhn Ploughs
  • Mounted Reversible Ploughs: With 8 models in the range, the Kuhn Multi-Master and Vari-Master ploughs meets every requirement in soil preparation.  All of these models are incredibly robust and also easy to adjust.  They have a wide choice of body numbers (from 2 to 7) and the safety systems on all models adapt to all soil conditions.  Safety is provided by traction bolts or springs (T Safety) or Non-Stop Hydraulics (NSH Safety).
  • Semi-Mounted Reversible Ploughs: With 6 models in the range, the Kuhn Manager, Vari-Manager and Challenger ploughs use a linkage system that allows them to use more bodies than a mounted plough for a given power output.  Their manoeuvrability also means that they can be used in tight places whilst still retaining high work rates.


Kuhn Tillage Equipment
  • Deep Working Cultivators: In soils that are compact it is essential to act to maximise field productivity.  Therefore, the range of Kuhn soil looseners and subsoilers allow optimising soil preparation and ensuring higher yields by breaking-up the soil, improving soil/water management and promoting mineralisation.  Choose from 2 models of soil looseners and 5 models of disc/tine cultivators.
  • Disc Harrows: With 12 models to choose from the Kuhn range of cover crop type disc stubble cultivators will contribute to your farm’s profitability.  With a central beam or a largely dimensioned frame, the robustness, work quality and comfort of use are their main assets.  Working widths are 3.4 metre to 6 metre.
  • Seed bed Preparation Tools: Kuhn offers a wide range of soil preparation tools ranging from tine tools to powers tillers and power harrows.  Their robustness, quality of work and comfort of use will ensure that seed beds are well prepared.  Included in the range are 2 seed bed cultivators, 2 integrated seed bed cultivators, 18 power harrows and 31 power tillers.
  • Strip-Till: As a leader in soil preparation and precision seeding, Kuhn offers a new soil preparation method with the STRIGER 300 Mounted Strip-Till.  This enables preparing the future seeding line for row-type cultivations such as maize, sunflower, rapeseed and beet.  The Strip Till technique falls within conservation agriculture and allows limiting erosion, thus reducing water evaporation as wells as mechanisation costs, while preserving the field’s yield potential.  It has working widths between 3 and 6 metres, 3 different press wheels and from 4 to 12 rows with 45cm to 85cm spacing.
  • Stubble Cultivators: The range of Kuhn stubble cultivators manages weed population, facilitates plant residue decomposition, reduces pests and prepares the soil for seeding.  With versatile tine or disc cultivators, you are sure to perform quality work with a simple, robust and efficient tool.  Choose from 9 models of stubble cultivators with discs and 7 stubble cultivators with tines.


Kuhn Seed Drills
  • Front Hopper/Seed Carts: Seed with a coulter bar and a front mounted hopper offers the advantage of an ideal front/rear load distribution.  With the Venta blower power, the seeds travel regularly towards the seed drill for an even seeding process.  The hopper can also be used for applying fertiliser with the precision seed drill or in combination with a Striger Strip-Till.  The TF 1512 has a seed capacity of 1800kg.
  • Mechanical Seed Drills: Conventional or integrated, Kuhn offers a wide range of mechanical seed drills.  Seeding is impeccable and the application rate is precise even on slopes owing to the helical grooves.  These practical seed drills are easy to use for seeding all types of seeds.  With 5 models of mechanical mounted seed drills and 4 models of mechanical integrated seed drill to choose from.
  • Pneumatic Precision Seed Drills: The design of the Kuhn Maxima and Planter single-seed drills makes them exceptionally versatile.  Their robustness, great reliability and seeding precision are their main assets.  A wide range of accessories such as micro-granulators and fertilisers supports their ability to adapt to every need:
    • 3 models of the mounted pneumatic precision seed drill single bar
    • 9 models of the mounted pneumatic precision seed drill telescopic
    • 8 models of the mounted pneumatic precision seed drill folding
    • a single version of a trailed pneumatic precision seed drill folding.
  • Pneumatic Seed Drills: The Kuhn range of pneumatic seed drills are the perfect combination for productivity and seed establishment quality.  The reliability of the pneumatic distribution ensures unmatched seeding precision whatever the working conditions.  With a wide variety of seeding units including 6 models of integrated seed drills pneumatic, 6 models of seeding bar front hopper/seed cart, 4 models of mounted seed drills min till and 4 models of trailed seed drill min till.

All Kuhn drills can sow a mixture of seeds including maize, sugar beet, vegetables, carrots, onions and more.


Kuhn Fertiliser Spreaders
  • MDS models (500-1800 litres) have working widths of 10 to 24 metres and incorporate localised spreading systems (over 2 strips and 7 rows).
  • AXIS models (1000-4000 litres) have working widths of 12 to 50 metres.
  • For strip or localised spreading, Kuhn’s UKS models distribute all kinds of products including mineral or organic fertiliser, gravel, salt, lime, etc.


Kuhn Sprayers
  • Integrated Sprayers: The Kuhn range of integrated sprayers combines high-end design and functionality.  With a real capacity of 1160 to 1850 litres, this allows you to increase your work capacity.  A wide choice of equipment is also available to meet your needs in order to optimise your spraying tasks.  With 2 models to choose from being the PF1000-1500 and PF SELECT 1000-1500.
  • Mounted Sprayers: The Kuhn mounted sprayer range combines precision and ease of use while requiring little investment.  They can be fitted with steel or aluminium booms featuring manual or hydraulic folding.  Their polyethylene tanks of 600 to 2000 litre offer a high resistance thanks to their UV-absorbing protection, and with CAN BUS regulations it gives you a sprayer that is perfectly adaptable to your needs.  Choose from:
    • OPTIS 300-1200L
    • OMNIS 600-1200L
    • DELTIS 2 1300L
    • ALTIS 1300-2000L
  • Trailed Agricultural Sprayers: These well-equipped sprayers feature aluminium booms, polyester tank and CAN BUS regulation for ease of use and optimum quality spraying.  Their numerous equipment possibilities combined with the impeccable boom balance make it easier to use the sprayer.  Choose from:
    •  ATLANTIQUE 2400-3200L
    • LEXIS 2400-3000L
    • METRIS 3200-4100L
    • OCEANIS 4500-7700L


Kuhn Landscape Machinery
  • Tillage: Consisting of a wide range of rotavators, power harrows and power tillers to with working widths from 1.26mtr on the EL22-120 through to 3mtr. Smaller models are ideal for working in narrow areas such as vineyards and orchards.
  • Sprayers: This range of space saving sprayers can be mounted on a variety of machinery from ride on mowers to quad bikes, compact tractors and utility vehicles. Consisting of Knapsack sprayers, garden tractor sprayers, ATV sprayers, wheelbarrow sprayers, 3-point linkage sprayers and demount sprayers.
  • Hedge and Grass Cutters: These come in a range of widths from 4.20mtr to 6,20mtr and are designed to meet the needs of landscape and road verge maintenance professionals.  Several different cutting heads are available for work sites with multiple requirements such as branch-cutting, hedge and bank trimming, shredding, etc.  With 6 models in the range to choose from to suit your application.
  • Professional Duty Roadside Mowers: The Spring-Longer range of roadside mowers have been specifically designed for cutting grass along roadsides and come in either 1.6mtr or 2mtr working widths. These can be either front or rear mounted dependent on model, with some models able to be both front and rear mounted.
  • Shredders: Wherever you need a shredder, there is a model that is perfect for the job. From small compact models such as the TL120 with a 1.2mtr working width, through to a BP305 or VKM305 with working widths of 3.05mtrs, there are over 40 models to choose from including offset arm verge shredders and shredders with horizontal axis.
  • Salt and Sand Spreaders: Kuhn has developed a whole range of spreaders that are ideal for spreading salt, sand or gravel on roads, drives and car parks, and ensure a good product spread even at low application rates.  These spreaders can be mounted, trailed and even pushed, and can be used with many different sized tractors and in all situations.  Sand and salt spreaders are available in 55 to 1500 litre versions.


Kuhn Shredders
  • Rotary Toppers: These multi purpose vertical-shaft shredders are available in 3 working widths, 1.2mtr, 1.5mtr and 1.8mtr and are designed to meet the needs of farmers and green-space professionals alike.  The floating linkage on this range absorbs the unevenness of many different types of terrain.
  • Shredder with Horizontal Axis: All of these shredders offer a great deal of versatility and are available in several working widths from 1 to 8.2 metres and can be rigid or folding and tackle any kind of waste shredding work.  Kuhn’s hammer-type shredders or shredders with Y-shaped blades guarantee excellent blade rotation and good suction:
    • 9 Field Shredders
    • 10 Landscape Maintenance Shredders
    • 18 Multi purpose Shredders
    • 18 Orchard/Vineyard Shredders


Kuhn Hay and Silage Equipment
  • Mounted Conditioners: Cutting at the front and conditioning at the rear in one pass.  The TC 320 trailed independent conditioner conditions the crop and spreads it full width without driving over the crop with low horsepower requirement.  It has a working width of 1.8 metres and requires a minimum of 25hp.
  • Gyrotedders: Choose from mounted or trailed with working widths from 4.2 metre working widths to 6.5 metres on the mounted version or 7.7 metres to 10.8 metres on the trailed versions.  There are 12 versions of the mounted Gyrotedder and 8 versions of the trailed Gyrotedder to choose from.
  • Disc and Drum Mower Conditioners: The Kuhn range of mower conditioners covers:
    • 6 versions of mounted disc mower conditioners from 2.4 to 3.11 metre working widths
    • 4 versions of front mounted disc mower conditioners from 2.8 to 3.5 metre working widths
    • 2 versions of centre pivot disc mower conditioner from 3.1 to 3.5 metre working widths
    • 2 versions of side pull disc mower conditioners from 3 to 3.1 metre working widths
    • triple gang disc mower conditioners with 5 versions from 8.1 to 9.93 metre working widths
    • 1 version of the mounted drum mower conditioner with a working width of 3.1 metres
    • 1 version of the front mounted drum mower conditioner with a working width of 3.1 metres.
  • Disc and Drum Mowers: Included in this range are:
    • 3 versions of front mounted disc mowers from 2.8 to 3.1 metre working widths
    • 3 versions of the Select range of disc mowers from 1.6 to 2.4 metre working widths
    • 2 versions of triple gang disc mowers from 8.2 to 9.53 metre working widths
    • 9 versions of horizontal fold disc mowers from 2.67 to 4.35 metre working widths
    • 4 versions of vertical fold disc mowers from 2.4 to 3.51 metre working widths
    • 3 versions of front mounted drum mowers with a working width of 2.65 metres to 3.1 metres
    • 1 version of the triple drum mower with a working width of 8.4 to 8.95 metres
    • 6 versions of the mounted drum mowers from 1.65 to 3.1 metres.
  • Rakes: Kuhn manufacture a wide range of rakes from single-rotor versions to four rotor versions to suit every need and can handle even the thickest of green crops and gives long working life thanks to the Masterdrive double reduction system:
    • 10 versions of Mounted Gyrorakes from 3.2 to 6.4 metre working widths
    • 7 versions of Semi-mounted Gyrorakes from 5.65 to 14.7 metre working widths
    • single version of the Belt Merger specifically developed for contractors, with a working width of 1 to 1.5 metres in side windrow and up to 2.2 metres in central windrow.


Kuhn Balers and Wrappers
  • High Density Balers: The ability of the Kuhn range of large square balers sets them apart from their competitors due to the top quality bales produced in all conditions.  With perfectly shaped bales, high output and outstanding durability, each Kuhn baler will be a profitable investment.  Choose from 2 models with 80cm crop flow channel and 3 models with 120cm crop flow channel all with 230cm pick up intake widths.
  • Round Baler-Wrapper Combinations: Following on from tedding and raking, you need to know your silage will be secure for storage as soon as possible to prevent loss of nutrients.  This is where the Kuhn range of either fixed or variable chamber baler wrapper combinations are ideal for the job.  There is even a fixed chamber baler with integrated wrapper.
  • Round Balers: Efficient and versatile, the range of Kuhn fixed or variable chamber round balers offers guaranteed perfectly shaped and consistent round bales with exceptionally high bale densities under even the most demanding of conditions.  With 2 models of fixed chamber balers and 4 models of variable chamber balers, there’s a Kuhn round baler that will meet your exact needs.
  • Mounted Round Bale Wrappers: With 2 models (RW 1110 and RW 1200) these are capable of wrapping round bales of 1 to 1.5 metre diameter and to a width of 1.25 metre.
  • Trailed Round Bale Wrappers: With 2 models (RW 1410 and RW 1610) these are capable of wrapping round bales of 1 to 1.5 metre diameter and to a width of 1.25 metre.


Kuhn Beeders/Feeders
  • Silage Cutters: There are 2 types of silage cutters manufactured by Kuhn, being a mounted silage cutter and feeder and a trailed silage cutter and feeder.  The Polycrok 2050 mounted silage cutter has a 2.3m³ capacity and is suitable for maize and grass silage and the Polycrok 3850 trailed silage cutter has a 3m³ and is fitted as standard with remote control cables.  It is also available with electric controls for fingertip operation.
  • Straw Blowers and Feeders: With 2 versions of straw blowers and feeders with hydraulic beaters and 6 versions with mechanical beaters, these machines are easy to load thanks to the hydraulically-powered tailgate which rests on the ground.  Loading capacities of up to three round bales with a diameter of 1.50 metre, help to considerably cut down on the unproductive time spent travelling to and for between fodder stocks and troughs.  There are mounted and trailed variants of some versions to.
  • TMR Mixers: Kuhn is the world leader in TMR Mixers.  Whether you are mixing 100% hay or 100% grain, there is a mixer to suit virtually every customer’s needs:
    • 19 models in the Single Auger Vertical TMR Mixer range
    • 4 models in the Single Auger Vertical TMR Mixer with Bedding System range
    • 35 models in the Two Auger Vertical TMR Mixer range
    • 13 models in the Two Auger Vertical TMR Mixer with Bedding System range
    • 4 models in the Triple Auger Vertical TMR Mixer range
    • 2 models in the Two Auger Horizontal TMR Mixer range.
  • Self-Propelled TMR Mixers: These mixer wagons have been developed to save time when feeding large herds.  They perform a number of functions including loading and mixing different ingredients and finally distributing the rations accurately using a built-in weighing system.  There are 7 models in the Single Auger Vertical Self-Propelled TMR Mixer range and 7 models in the Two Auger Vertical Self-Propelled TMR Mixer range.


Kuhn Manure Spreaders
  • The EasySpread Box Spreader is an economical unit designed for smaller livestock operations to haul and spread solid manure.
  • The ProTwin Slinger can spread a wide variety of materials from solids to slurry with an even and controlled pattern.  Having this level of accurate application will continue to help you utilise the nutrient value of manure and help reduce purchased fertiliser costs.


For more information on the range of Kuhn Farm Machinery, contact our sales department or visit the Kuhn Farm Machinery website.