Contract Farming

Contract Farming; Large or small.


R C Boreham & Co. can provide Contract Farming services, large or small for a wide range of jobs including;

r-c-boreham-farm-machinery-service-and-repairs  Hedge Cutting

r-c-boreham-farm-machinery-service-and-repairs  Spraying*

r-c-boreham-farm-machinery-service-and-repairs  Avadex Application

r-c-boreham-farm-machinery-service-and-repairs  Grass Cutting

r-c-boreham-farm-machinery-service-and-repairs  Grass Seeding

r-c-boreham-farm-machinery-service-and-repairs  Paddock Maintenance

r-c-boreham-farm-machinery-service-and-repairs  Ditching

r-c-boreham-farm-machinery-service-and-repairs  Tree Shearing

*All full time staff are PA1 and PA2 certified and NROSO registered.


Farmers ourselves since 1963.


We have been farmers ourselves since 1963, so we will care for your land the way we care for ours – to the highest standards.

Our farming business has gradually and positively increased from 48 acres in 1963, to its current position today where we farm over 500 acres of our own land and around 1500 acres of nearby farming partnerships.

Our experienced and knowledgeable Farm Team operate the latest technology and equipment. We invest in new machinery and through our own dealership we have access to a high volume of good quality machines.

We take great pride in the appearance of the land we farm and the quality of the crops grown and highly value our farmer clients, treating each of them as an individual with their own needs, goals and objectives.


R C Boreham & Co Contract Farming