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We are pleased to announce out latest new sales franchise Faunamaster.

This Danish company manufacture a range of implements for ATV’s, utility vehicles and smaller cat. 1 tractors and were established in 2020 on the basis of the increasing need for mobile and flexible solutions for seeding with ATV/UTV as well as smaller cat.1 tractors.

For any further information on any of the Faunamaster products, please contact us.

The range of Faunamaster products include:

Faunamaster Seeder 105

The Faunamaster Seeder 105 is a multifunctional seeder that can be retro-fitted to an ATV or utility vehicle or mounted on a cat.1 tractor in a 3-point hitch and can sow seeds of virtually any size and at depths ranging from 0mm to 80mm as well as apply fertiliser in a single pass.

It has a built-in 12V actuator that ensures quick operation without the need for the driver to get off the seat and during transportation it is activated so the ground clearance is raised to 200mm.

It can sow larger seeds such as maize, or smaller seeds such as clove and apply fertiliser in one application and is also ideal for seeding wild roofs, fauna strips, reseeding in horse paddocks, or simply in places where regular agricultural machinery cannot reach.

Its compact size means minimal traces are left in the soil, or grass after sowing flower beds, herbs, etc. and therefore is ideal for established gardens and parks.

This seeder can be used in a prepared seedbed also and when overseeding without tillage, it is recommended to have a maximium seeding depth of 10mm.

Technical Information:

  • Weight: 260kg
  • Wound rows: 7 of which all are adjustable
  • Row spacing: 150mm at 7 rows, 350mm at 3 rows and 525mm at 2 rows
  • Recommended working speed: 4-6 km/h



Faunamaster Seeder 180

Much like the Faunamaster Seeder 105, the 180 can sow seeds of virtually any size and can apply fertiliser as well in a single pass.

It also has a built-in 12V actuator and is ideal for seeding wild roofs, fauna strips, reseeding in horse paddocks, as well as large seeds like maize and smaller seeds like clove at depths of between 0mm to 80mm.

The main difference between the Seeder 180 and Seeder 105 are the following technical specifications:

  • Weight: 410kg
  • Wound rows: 120 of which all are adjustable
  • Row spacings: 150mm at 12 rows, 300mm at 6 rows and 600mm at 3 rows
  • Recommended working speed: 5-8 km/h


Faunamaster Harrow DH140

The Faunamaster harrow DH140 really is the ultimate harrow for ATV’s and utility vehicles. It is equipped with 5 harrow tines and 5 goose feet that can be changed according to need and task.
Behind the harrow tines, there are two axles with disc harrows and a spring rake at the rear which ensures a nice result, in the new landscaped seedbed.

The harrow is ideal for establishing new seedbeds for wildlife, flower, and fauna strips, or for cleaning newly established seedbeds.

The Faunamaster harrow DH140 has a weight of 400kg, which ensures good ground contact.

The depth of work can be set individually, so the harrow can work separately with goose feet, harrow teeth, as well as or disc plates.

Faunamaster Price List

The latest Faunamaster price list can be downloaded by clicking on the PDF button below.

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