R C Boreham are main dealers for the full range of Deutz Fahr machinery in Essex.


With 18 models in the Deutz Fahr tractor range, 4 models in the Deutz Fahr combine harvester range and the Deutz Fahr Advanced Farming Intelligent Systems, they offer power, innovative features and comfort, long into the night.


Tractor Range.


Deutz Fahr Tractor


The Deutz Fahr tractor range consists of 18 models boasting a wide horsepower range from 39 horsepower right up to an impressive 336 horsepower. Included in the range are:

  • 9340 TTV WARRIOR: – The 9340 TTV WARRIOR is the most powerful special WARRIOR model of all time. Featuring a 336 hp (147 kW) engine and a a lifting capacity of 12,000 kg, this is a true beast of a machine to handle the toughest of jobs.
  • 7250 TTV WARRIOR: – The new 7250 TTV WARRIOR is a special limited-edition model for the toughest jobs on field and road. Delivering 246 hp (181 kW) of raw power, quality, precision engineering and reliability all come as standard.
  • 9 Series: – The 9 Series offers three perfectly balanced and highly attractive high-horsepower tractor models, that are ultra-modern and highly intelligent, allowing farmers and contractors to achieve the best results every time.
  • 7 Series (Stage IV): – The two new 7 Series models deliver up to 246 hp and stand out for a range of trademark German characteristics: high quality, high precision and reliability combined with cutting-edge technology in terms of both cost-effectiveness and comfort.
  • 6 Series (Stage 4 Tier 4 final): – with 12 models ranging from 156 to 226 HP, two wheelbases, three transmission variants, two cabin types with different comfort levels and various other feature options, you can put together the best technology mix in this tractor class, and create your own, unique tractor.
  • 5C Series (Stage 3B Tier 4i): – The 5C Series consists of four models from 89 to 118 hp with generous standard equipment, compact dimensions, high-tech content, superlative build quality and class-beating comfort combined with unique design and style. With the “Ready Kit” of factory-mounted accessories, the 5C is perfect for use with a front loader.
  • 5G Series (Stage 3B Tier 4i): – 11 models with six 80 to 115 horsepower engines designed for maximum operational versatility, comfort and with a new FARMotion designed especially to be used for farming, the 5G Series also guarantees an unequalled level of safety in all working conditions.
  • 5D Series: – The 5D Series was designed to meet the most varied requirements, both on the farm and in the open field. It comprises four models from 80 to 100 HP, all with the new FARMotion engines ensuring a high level of reliability, performance and reduced cost of ownership.
  • 5D Series Ecoline: – The 5D Series Ecoline comprises 3 models from 80 to 90 HP with low weight/power ratio, characterised by high performance and great ease of use. All models feature the new FARMotion engines and are available in a variety of versions and configurations, suitable for both farm and open field work.
  • Agrolux 65 | 75: – The Agrolux 65 | 75 series is built specifically for sturdiness and reliability. Available as two power variants (62 and 72 hp), these are extremely productive tractors which, with their short wheelbase, are also extraordinarily nimble and manoeuvrable.
  • 6 Series (6120-6140): – With six compact, four-cylinder tractors in the low to mid horsepower category: the 6120, 6130 and 6140, are available with TTV or PowerShift transmissions.
  • 5G Series (Tier 4 Final): – The 5G Series is a utility tractor that perfectly suits your needs among the seven models with an output of 75 hp to 116 hp split in three families with different wheelbases, different load capacities and weights and different tyre combinations.
  • 5 Series (Tier 4 Final): – The 5 Series comprises of three models with outputs of 110 hp to 126 hp which stand out for superior comfort in addition to their versatility and reliable German technology.
  • Agroplus F/V/S: – The Agroplus is a range of three agile, versatile tractors (V/S/F), with a slimline design conceived to cater for all the needs of the vineyard and fruit orchard.
  • Series 5DS/DV/DF/DF Ecoline: – From vineyard and orchard work to gardening, landscaping and municipal applications, there are 44 models in total offering an output from 75 to 113 hp, offering a new generation of highly innovative specialist tractors that meet the most exacting demands in terms of productivity and equipment flexibility.
  • Agroplus F Ecoline: – These are simple but extraordinarily practical and functional tractors capable of working with any implement. Ideal for the small to medium farm, these tractors strike the perfect balance between superior performance and low running costs.
  • Agrokid: – This compact tractor is anything but small when it comes to reliably carrying out a wide variety of tasks for gardening and landscaping companies and for districts and municipalities. With its narrow frame and low turning radius, the Agrokid can be used in places where the “big guys” cannot go. Four-wheel drive and a top speed of 30 km/h enable the Agrokid to achieve ultrahigh productivity.
  • Front Loaders: – Designed for total compatibility with the entire DEUTZ-FAHR tractor range, these front loaders are sturdily built, reliable accessories which make DEUTZ-FAHR tractors even more versatile than ever.


Combine Harvesters.


Deutz Fahr Combine Harvesters


With four models in the Deutz Fahr Combine Harvester range, they all offer unparalleled harvesting performance with all types of crop. Included in the range are:

  • C9300 Series: – Consisting of our models: C9305 TS, C9305 TSB, C9306 TS and C9306 TSB, these machines combine outstanding productivity with extraordinary versatility (for large area applications) and with a high performance cutter bar (in standard widths from 5.40 m to 9.00 m, and with variable width from 5.5 m to 9 m), and a large diameter feeder auger with broad spirals and helically distributed auger fingers, ensures continuous feed and product transfer.
  • C7000 Series (Tier 4 final): – Precise, clean cutting results, even at high cutting volumes. The high performance cutter bars (in standard widths from 4.20 m to 9.00 m, and with variable width from 5 m to 9 m) feature a monolithic structure and are sturdy and reliable, with superlative weight distribution and precision. The large diameter feeder auger with broad spirals and helically distributed auger fingers ensures continuous feed and product transfer.
  • C9000 Series (Tier 4 final): – The C9000 Series consists of four models: C9205 TS, C9205 TS B, C9206 TS and C9206 TS B. These machines combine outstanding productivity with extraordinary versatility (for large area applications) and has a state of the art threshing system, integrated straw chopper and is powered by the 7.7 litre Mercedes-Benz OM936 engine that produces up to 363 HP (395 HP with Overboost).
  • C6000 Series: – A machine dedicated to medium sized farms aiming for greater independence, conceived to harvest all types of crop with outstanding results. With two models, four versions and extraordinary versatility making a huge choice of different configurations possible, the C6205 and C6205 TS are invaluable allies for your work. The range covers a comprehensive spectrum of cutting widths with seven variants (four standard headers measuring 4.20, 4.80, 5.40 and 6.30 m, and three variable width headers measuring 5, 5.5 and 6.50 m).


Advanced Farming Intelligent Systems.


Deutz Fahr Advanced Farming Intelligent Systems


DEUTZ-FAHR is a leader in equipping tractor and combine harvester fleets with Advanced Precision Farming systems.

The reliable high-precision automatic guidance systems with one of the highest ISOBUS and TIM (Tractor Implement Management) standards on the market, the partial section shutdown for sprayers, and the fully automatic DEUTZ-FAHR Precision Farming systems not only lead to increased fleet efficiency but also increased working comfort.

All DEUTZ-FAHR Precision Farming systems are operated using a single monitor. This is unique.

For more information on the Deutz Fahr range of tractors, combine harvesters and Advanced Farming Intelligent Systems, please contact us or visit the Deutz Fahr website.