Major Equipment main dealers for Essex and surrounding areas.


R C Boreham & Co are main dealers for the full range of Major Equipment for Essex and the surrounding areas.

Major Equipment was established in 1976 and manufacturers a range of agricultural mowers and flails, groundcare machinery, slurry handling equipment, tankers and forestry equipment.

Included in the range are:


Agricultural Mowers and Flails:


With a wide variety of agricultural mowers and flails to choose from including:

  • Cyclone Mower
  • Centre Mounted Topper
  • Side Mounted Grass Topper
  • Trailed Grass Topper
  • Eagle Wing Grass Topper
  • Flex Wing Grass Topper
  • Slasher
  • Jungle Buster
  • Disc Mower
  • Agri Flail Mower


Groundcare Machinery:


Included in the Groundcare Machinery range are:

  • Rigid Deck Roller Mower
  • Winged Roller Mower (3-Point Linkage)
  • Winged Roller Mower (Trailed)
  • Front Mounted Roller Mower
  • Contoura Mower
  • TDR Winged Roller Mower
  • Synergy Outfront Mower
  • Cyclone Mower Deck
  • Offset Mower
  • Outfront Flail Deck
  • Flail Mower (MJ22)
  • Flail Collectors
  • Finishing Mower


Slurry Handling Equipment:


Included in the Slurry Handling Equipment range are:

  • Agri Slurry Tankers
  • Tandem Tanker
  • Contractor Spec LGP Slurry Tanker
  • Alpine Slurry Tanker
  • Dribble Bar
  • Trailing Shoe Slurry Applicator
  • Disc Injector
  • Slurry Agitator Pumps


Industrial Tankers:


Included in the Industrial Tanker range are:

  • 3500 Tandem Axle AD Tanker
  • Septic Tank and Drain Cleaning Tanker
  • Self-propelled Dust Tanker
  • 3500 Tanden Axle Tanker
  • 3500 Gallon Port Dust Tanker
  • 2400 Gallon Drain Beaver
  • 2200 Gallon Hydroseeder and Landcaover Tanker
  • 2000 Gallon Dust Suppressor
  • 1100 Gallon Water Bowser




With two products in the Forestry range that are:

  • Tractor Driven Saw Table
  • Log Splitter

For more information on the range of Major Equipment products, contact our sales department or visit the Major Equipment website.


Major Equipment