The Kuhn Primor 3570M Straw Bedder is now available with the Kuhn Cleanstraw System.


The popular Kuhn Primor 3570M Straw Bedder can now be ordered with the Kuhn Cleanstraw system. This significantly reduces the time the dust particles, produced during straw blowing, remain airborne.

With the Cleanstraw system the dust settles within 30 seconds after straw blowing meaning animal and human comfort is greatly improved.


Kuhn Cleanstraw System

How does the Cleanstraw system work?


There are 3 nozzles mounted all around the chute, to spray the straw without compromising the throughput. The extra low water flow (1.8 l/min) helps weight down the suspended dust particles without altering the straw quality.

With a 64 litre tank, this handles 12 to 18 bales. You can easily check the water level at a glance, thanks to its transparent tank and adjust the water flow with a thumbwheel.

Other features include:

  • Turns on automatically with the POLYDRIVE
  • Can be interrupted from the tractor cab
  • Pressure gauge to show the pressure in the circuit
  • Drain valve for cleaning and maintenance


Shed bedded without Cleanstraw

Shed bedded with Cleanstraw

Available to buy or on demonstration.


The Kuhn Primor 3570M with Cleanstraw system is available to buy or if you prefer we can offer an on site demonstration so you can see for yourself the benefits of having Cleanstraw fitted.

Contact our Sales Team for further information, or watch the Cleanstraw System in action below on the YouTube video.

Please note, although the Cleanstraw system in the video is not shown fitted to the Kuhn Primor 3570M Straw Bedder, it will work in the same way.