Announcing Our New Sales Franchise – Muthing Flail Mowers.


We are pleased to announce that we now sell the range of Muthing Flail Mowers for the Essex area.

The Muthing Flail Mower range consists of the following types of flail mowers;

  • Front or rear mounted flail mowers
  • Rear mounted flail mowers with offset
  • Front mounted

Covering a wide range of applications from the MU-C 35HP flail mower which is perfect for compact tractors up to the robust and heavy duty MU-Pro/F Vario offset flail mower which is suitable for tractors of up to 400hp.

All the Muthing Flail Mowers are built in Germany using only the finest quality materials to give outstanding wear characteristics, longevity and low maintenance.

For more information on the complete range of Muthing Flail Mowers contact our sales department or visit the Muthing website.