New franchise Holder Equipment to boost our new sales offering even further!


We are pleased to announce that we are now suppliers of the Holder Equipment range of machinery for Essex and surrounding areas.

Holder Equipment manufacture a wide range of multi-functional system vehicles for the most demanding of tasks for municipal users, horticulture and Winter maintenance.

The impressive line-up of machines can perform a wide variety of everyday tasks with ease and with a huge choice of configurations, these machines can make light work of even the toughest jobs including:

Winter Services:

Included in the range of Winter Service equipment are Snow Ploughing, Snow Blowing, Snow Sweeping, Snow Loading equipment and a variety of spreading equipment.

Mowing and Suction:

With a wide range of equipment including Mowing-Suctioning Combination, Large Area Mower, Reach Arm Mower, Cylinder Mower, Sickle Mower, Flail Mower and Irrigation equipment.

Sweeping and Cleaning:

These versatile machines include Sweeping-Suction Combination, Sweeping Free, Foliage Disposal, Wash Ashore, Ween Control and Gully Cleaner.


Articulated Holder system vehicles, with 65 to 129 HP and an ideal combination of manoeuvrability, soil protection and permanent all-wheel drive, help to provide extremely efficient working within the areas of Mulching and Mowing, Working with Foliage, Plant Protection and Chopping of Vine Wood.


The advantages of Holder Equipment are clear for all to see.


r-c-boreham-farm-machinery-service-and-repairs  Robustness and reliability: Minimum downtime and high stability of value.

r-c-boreham-farm-machinery-service-and-repairs  High Efficiency: Three attachment areas for maximum applications. 365 working days a year: four seasons, one Holder!

r-c-boreham-farm-machinery-service-and-repairs  Extreme manoeuvrability: Narrowest cornering due to articulated steering and narrow gauge for pavements.

r-c-boreham-farm-machinery-service-and-repairs  Driving comfort and ease of use: Sophisticated and ergonomic operating concept and driving speed up to 40 km/h without problems.


Coming soon, the all new Holder Equipment X-Series…


Holder Equipment X Series


For more information on the range of Holder Equipment, contact our sales department or visit the Holder Equipment website.