Pottinger Grassland and Tillage main dealers for Essex.


Pottinger are a family-owned business who have gained an enviable reputation for manufacturing innovative, quality products giving outstanding working results in the field every time.


Grassland products.


R C Boreham Pottinger Grassland


The starting point for high forage quality is the careful mowing process. Best possible ground hugging, low disintegration losses and precise operation without time-consuming operator intervention are the justifiable demands made from the field. Included in the Pottinger grassland range are;

Disc Mowers: – Featured in the range are front mounted disc mowers, Alpha Motion front type mowers, rear mounted disc mowers, mower combinations and trailed disc mowers.

Drum Mowers: – The EUROCAT front mounted drum mowers have working widths from 2.70 to 3.05 mtrs and the EUROCAT rear mounted drum mowers with centre pivot suspension come in working widths from 2.70 to 3.05 mtrs.

Tedders: – The HIT range of tedders can be mounted or trailed and offer working widths from 4.40 mtrs up to an impressive 12.70 mtrs.

Rakes: – The TOP range of rakes come in single rotor, twin rotor or four rotor versions and in either side or centre swath. With working widths starting from 3.40 mtrs up to 12.50 mtrs.

Silage Loading Wagons: – With six models in the line-up including TORO, FARO COMBILINE, EUROPROFI COMBILINE, TORRO COMBILINE, JUMBO and JUMBO COMBILINE with power requirements from as low as 90hp right up to 45hp and volumes from 23m³ up to 49.5m³.

Round Balers: – Featuring 2 models, being the IMPRESS F fixed chamber balers and the IMPRESS V variable balers, these are heavy duty machines for continuous operation in rough conditions.

Forage Harvesters: – The Pottinger MEX 5 and MEX 6 flywheel harvesters offer optimum technology to harvest your own silage maize and grass. Exemplary cutting qualities are guaranteed in all operating conditions.


Tillage products.


R C Boreham Tillage products


Pottinger focuses on the principle of soil cultivation to ensure success in the short and long term approach to sustainable agriculture. Included in the range are;

Ploughs: – The SERVO range of mounted and semi-mounted ploughs start from 2 furrow and go up to 9 furrows and can be fitted to tractors with up to 360hp.

Stubble Cultivators: – The SYNKRO cultivators have been developed to deliver optimum stubble cultivation, and are suitable for both shallow and deep soil preparation. Featuring 3 models, a 2-row, a 3-row and a trailed version offering working widths from 2.5 to 6.0 mtr.

Disc Harrows: – The TERRADISC compact disc harrow is designed specifically for stubble cultivation and seedbed preparation. Featuring rigid, folding and trailed versions with working widths from 3 to 6 mtr.

Short Combinations: – The newly developed FOX 300 and FOX 300 D compact combinations deliver smooth-running, fuel-saving seedbed preparation. Combined with PÖTTINGER seed drills, this implement becomes a cost-effective 3-point-mounted mulch drill combo.

Power Harrows: – The LION range of power harrows feature high-strength pivot points, computer-optimised wear parts and hardened steels with working widths from 2.5 to 6 mtrs.

Drilling Technology: – The Pottinger range of seed drill machines meet the highest specifications on functionality, operating safety and performance. With 5 models in the range, choose from mechanical mounted, mechanical implement mounted, pneumatic mounted and mulch seed drills (with and without direct fertilisation), they come in working widths from 2.5 to 9 mtr.

For more information on the Pottinger Grassland and Tillage range of products, contact our sales department or visit the Pottinger website.