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Sumo Other Agricultural Products

Sumo Other Agricultural Products

The Sumo Other Agricultural Products range includes:

Sumo Seeder – The Sumoseeder will fit to the back of virtually all of our cultivation range to provide the application of a large variety of products from small seeds like OSR or mustard to micro-granule fertilisers, slug pellets or Avadex.

SDO – The Sumo SDO Drill is designed for the placement of seed at an accurate and consistent depth when sowing OSR behind a subsoiler or one pass cultivation machine.

Strake – The Sumo Strake Stubble Rake is a versatile machine which offers a multitude of benefits.

Front Weight – The Sumo Front Weight is a multipurpose implement to fit any tractor with a front linkage. Designed and manufactured in Britain, the Front Weight has several purposes.

For more information contact our sales team on 01245 231320 or visit the Sumo website.



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