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Sumo LDS Subsoiler Cultivator

Sumo LDS Subsoiler Cultivator

The Sumo LDS Subsoiler Cultivator (Low Disturbance) is specially designed to work in conjunction with ‘zero’ and ‘minimal tillage’ crop establishment systems. It has the ability to alleviate compaction in the soil profile with the absolute minimum of surface disturbance allowing oxygen and water infiltration needed to promote healthy soil structure and rapid plant development.

A serrated straight cutting disc cuts a clear slot for the following loosening leg in trashy high residue situations. Low disturbance winged points then lift and shatter the soil profile across the working width of the machine followed by a consolidating packer roller of your choice to suit different soil types.
With the addition of a Sumo Seeder kit the LDS can then be used as a very cost effective way to sow OSR directly into stubble, with no prior cultivations with the added bonus of lower inter-row grass weed germination and fuel saving.

Straight front serrated disc on shock resistant rubber mounts, 500mm leg spacing, Choice of 2 loosening leg options, pin adjustable low disturbance loosening legs (100mm – 350mm working depth), Choice of 4 packers, Cat 3 and 4 headstock, Type- tyre, F Type- flat, R Type- rings, M Type- Multipacka.

For more information contact our sales team on 01245 231320 or visit the Sumo website.



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