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Sumo GLS Grassland Subsoiler Cultivator

Sumo GLS Grassland Subsoiler Cultivator

The Sumo GLS Grassland Subsoiler Cultivator has been designed to improve and revitalise compacted grassland that is suffering from the effects of continual rainfall, livestock trampling and heavy machinery.

It creates a sub-surface effect that will improve drainage and root development, and allow more air to get into the soil, resulting in increased fungal/bacterial activity as well as enabling worm populations to flourish. This leads to a soil environment that is conducive to maximum grass growth and stronger plants that are better suited to withstand periods of prolonged rainfall or drought.

A leading row of straight, serrated discs cut through the turf on individually suspended arms. The discs have adjustable depth positions which are easily altered via a one-bolt system. This allows the following Subsoiler legs easy entry into the pre-cut soil.

The legs, which have a pin adjustable depth of 100mm – 350mm deep are cut from 20mm Hardox steel and lift and fracture the earth. The legs are hydraulic double acting auto reset or have the option of shear pin protection.

The legs are followed by a packer which has a diameter of 508mm. The shark fin design ensures important surface aeration across the full working width of the machine. A ring of packer teeth run directly behind each leg, closing up and firming the opening which the leg has made in the worked pasture. The teeth also act as a continuous grip, ensuring that the packer always turns and drives in any condition.

The optional following harrow disturbs and removes any dead vegetation. The harrow is adjustable so can be moved out of position when not required for use.

For more information contact our sales team on 01245 231320 or visit the Sumo website.




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