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Sumo DD Drill

Sumo DD Drill

The Sumo DD Drill (Direct Drill) is a disc based drill designed for zero-till establishment where optimum seed placement is required with minimal soil disturbance, as part of integrated conservation agriculture, benefiting the environment and also increasing margins.

There are many benefits of the Direct Drilling System, not only the immediate cost savings which are considerable, but this system can benefit your land andsoil structure as well. By having the ability to plant seed through previous crop residues or beneficial green covers into undisturbed soil, organic matter levels are allowed to build, worm counts increase and the general fertility, drainage and wellbeing of your biggest asset is restored.

We have built into the machine a number of innovative features like slim line single disc openers, hydraulically adjustable coulter down force and our own in-house designed ORGA metering system for both seed and fertiliser, making for one of the best direct drills on the market.

Seed and Fertiliser DD

The targeted application of fertiliser into the rooting zone means a potential reduction in product applied as nutrients are more readily available to the plant roots reducing the potential for nutrient leaching and wastage. Dual products drilled and applied in one pass greatly reduces input costs and time especially in a tight drilling season.

The optional fertiliser kit is available on all trailed drills and includes a 50/50 split seed hopper (totally 3000ltrs for 4m models, 3600ltrs for 6m – 9m models), separate stainless steel ORGA metering unit, transfer pipes, upstack, metering head and application nozzles.

For more information contact our sales team on 01245 231320 or visit the Sumo website.



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