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McHale V660 Round Baler

McHale V660 Round Baler

The latest McHale V660 Round Baler shown here on demonstration. This was behind a 25ft Rotary Combine Harvester and we were travelling at a speed of 8mph, but to be honest we could have gone quicker! It was being pulled by a Deutz Fahr M650 tractor and it left a very well shaped firm bale.

The McHale V660 Round Baler is a variable chamber belt baler and offers a simple and user friendly operation. With features like the three belt variable bale chamber with double drive and the drop floor unblocking system, when combined with high specification components, ensures long life, reliability and a variable chamber round baler that is rugged enough to handle the toughest of crops and ground conditions.

It is equipped with a 2.1 metre galvanised pick up which lifts even the shortest of crop and is equipped with a 15 knife chopper unit.  Other features include the Expert Plus Control Console, which has a large graphic display. From the control console, the operator can adjust the following from the tractor cab: bale size, bale density and revolutions of net being applied. The Expert Plus Console, also gives the operator the choice of selecting a soft or hard bale core, depending on the customer’s feed out requirements. The control console can store 10 totals, it also features: knife display, door position, display drop door, display lube alarm.

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