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Deutz Fahr 7250TTV Warrior and Sumo Mixidisc Cultivator

Deutz Fahr 7250TTV Warrior and Sumo Mixidisc Cultivator

This video is of a demonstration of a Deutz Fahr 7250TTV Warrior and Sumo Mixidisc Cultivator 5mtr using Agrosky steering and travelling at a speed of 12mph. We were only using about 3.5ltr of fuel per hectare.

The Deutz Fahr 7250TTV Warrior tractor is a limited-edition special model in brilliant black for agricultural entrepreneurs with the highest standards in terms of technology, design and quality. Conceived for the toughest applications in the field and on the road. Including exclusive peripheral equipment like up to 16 LED work lights and XENON beacon lamp, exclusive leather seat, black WARRIOR floor mat and a chrome exhaust.

The Sumo 5mtr Mixidisc is designed for high speed cultivations either post-harvest, on stubble, or ploughing, to produce a stale seedbed in one pass, rapidly incorporating and mulching large volumes of crop residues to create a micro tilth for fast germination of volunteers and weeds. In addition, the Mixidisc is used for seedbed preparation, straw harrowing or furrow levelling after ploughing, with a low power requirement.

Matt Boreham

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