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Deutz Fahr 6 and 7 Series Tractor Launch

Deutz Fahr 6 and 7 Series Tractor Launch

During the first week of July, Deutz-Fahr invited dealers from across Europe and the World, to Dresden, for the Deutz Fahr 6 and 7 Series Tractor Launch with Tier 4 final engine.

As a Deutz-Fahr dealer, we have seen the product image and presence increase dramatically over the last few years and I was particularly excited to see the next stage of the Deutz-Fahr brand.

As dealers we always pay extra attention to detail on our product and all of us had in mind our list of improvements. We were pleased to see that these were not only met, but exceeded! The excitement surrounding the new products from dealers was clear, and as a group we feel we have a product that can take on any tractor on the market.

So…What was new?

The main reason for the new 6 & 7 series was the introduction of the tier 4 final engines, what surprised everyone in attendance, was how the engine requirements had not affected the design and key features of the tractors. Many competitors over the past few years have elected to move to high bonnets, restricting visibility in front of the tractors and have packed the engine bay full of a crowded and difficult to clean cooling pack…But not Deutz-Fahr. They still have the sloping bonnet, which allows unbeaten visibility to the front of the tractor, and excellent radiator cleaning facilities. The styling is what catches the eye. The bonnet looks angry and aggressive – it’s a tractor that means business! With the 40,000 LED light pack you will see it coming, and more importantly, on the darkest of nights you will light up the field. They have managed to detach the bonnet from the cab by a couple of inches which creates an incredibly quiet cab.

Also new to both ranges were the axles. It’s a new system, the technical details of which were too much to take in on a quick viewing but the results were excellent. The new axles improves the balance of the machine so it sits level, even with heavy weights on the rear. Hurtling across a field at nearly 50kph with an implement on the back and sat in the usually rougher passenger seat, you felt comfortable and didn’t have the need to reach for the nearest handle.

New 6 Series – 6 RC-Shift

In addition, we get to welcome a new transmission to the 6 Series range – the 6 RC-Shift Series is an evolution of the C-shift. At the moment the range will start with the 6 cylinder 6155 and go up to a new 6215 with 4 cylinder version coming in the New Year. The improvements in the transmission are a giant leap in comfort and convenience. A 5 range gearbox with 6 powershifts in each, means you are always in the right range, without the need to change. The TTV control arm has been added and this means no need for a gear lever. The range change is simple and the powershifts can work automatically, but what this can also do is shift between ranges automatically should you wish. For road work this will be as close to a stepless transmission as you can get and what struck us all was the smoothness of range change.

Another important feature was the top speed of 50kph being achieved at just 1,447 revs. This will save fuel and create an even quieter cab on those long road journeys. The cab design has been taken from the new 9 series machines which has a far better layout and can have the popular iMonitor 2 screen installed, to allow you to control the tractor further than ever. The screen is fully ISOBUS compatible, can display to on-board cameras, can record all of your field and implement settings and perhaps most importantly, they now have a steering valve for guidance. This is again displayed through the iMonitor 2 screen.

I could go on and on about this tractor and the new 6TTV and 7TTV but will save this for another time! Over the coming weeks, please check back on our website for more information on the new tractors.

We believe Deutz-Fahr’s comprehensive range of products can take on any other manufacturer and bring the Deutz-Fahr brand to the top of any farmer and contractors shopping list. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your tractor requirements.

Matt Boreham

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