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Deutz Fahr 6 and 7 Series Tractor Video

Deutz Fahr 6 and 7 Series Tractor Video

Deutz Fahr had their new 6 and 7 Series tractor launch in July 2016 in Dresden, Germany. Dealers from all over the world arrived to see the latest offerings from Deutz Fahr and were left excited and optimistic with the new products.  Here is the Deutz Fahr 6 and 7 Series Tractor video.

The new range of Tier 5 engine tractors featured a very impressive new bonnet styling and new axles. The cab was also separated from the engine and this has drastically reduced cab noise. These new features made the drive of these tractors fantastic. They were incredibly smooth and comfortable to drive.

The new 7 series will be available as a 7230 and 7250 model and will be packed full of all the features from the previous model such as the iMonitor display, steering ready, excellent visibility and plenty of power.

Other tractors on display at the launch were the new 6 series tractors. Both a new 6 series TTV and 6 series RC-Shift were on display. In the 6 series there will be a 6155, 6165, 6175, 6185, 6195, 6205 and 6215 available in both RC-Shift and TTV transmissions. It will also be available in a standard gearbox with a traditional gearstick shift. It is also now possible to order a 6 Series tractor loader ready from the factory which then incorporates a tidy loader control in the tractors side console.

Exciting times are ahead for Deutz Fahr tractor family and the new tractors will take on any other brand of tractor on the market. For a demo or more detailed information please contact our sales team.

Matt Boreham

Teagle Handy Inter Row Mower

Teagle Handy Inter Row Mower

This video of the Teagle Handy Inter Row Mower cutting between solar panels, shows how suitable this mower is for getting to places that a conventional mower couldn’t. We had to hold the mower off the ground slightly as the ground was very rough but it did an excellent job and we were very impressed.… Continue Reading

McHale V660 Round Baler

McHale V660 Round Baler

The latest McHale V660 Round Baler shown here on demonstration. This was behind a 25ft Rotary Combine Harvester and we were travelling at a speed of 8mph, but to be honest we could have gone quicker! It was being pulled by a Deutz Fahr M650 tractor and it left a very well shaped firm bale.… Continue Reading



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